Below, you will see some recent representative publications from our funded projects. We are also collaborators on several papers, through our work in Genetics Services. If you are bored and want to view a more comprehensive list of all these collaborative papers, please do so in Pubmed.

1. Sutton, MS, Ellis-Connell, A, Balgeman, AJ, Barry, G, Weiler, AM, Hetzel, SJ, Zhou, Y, Lau-Kilby, AW, Mason, RD, Biris, KK, Mascola, JR, Sullivan, NJ, Roederer, M, Friedrich, TC, and O’Connor, SL. CD8b depletion does not prevent control of viral replication or protection from challenge in macaques chronically infected with a live attenuated Simian Immunodeficiency Virus. (2019) Journal of Virology. 93(15):.

2. Ellis-Connell AL, Kannal NM, Balgeman AJ, O’Connor SL.  Characterization of major histocompatibility complex-related molecule 1 sequence variants in non-human primates.  (2019) Immunogenetics. 71(2): 109-121.

3. Rodgers MA, Ameel C, Ellis-Connell AL, Balgeman AJ, Maiello P, Barry GL, Friedrich TC, Klein E, O’Connor SL, Scanga CA. Preexisting Simian Immunodeficiency Virus Infection Increases Susceptibility to Tuberculosis in Mauritian Cynomolgus Macaques. (2018) Infection and Immunity. 86(12): e00565-18.

4. Ellis-Connell AL, Balgeman AJ, Zarbock KR, Barry G, Weiler A, Egan JO, Jeng EK, Friedrich T, Miller JS, Haase AT, Schacker TW, Wong HC, Rakasz E, O’Connor SL. ALT-803 transiently reduces SIV replication in the absence of antiretroviral treatment. (2018) J Virol. 92: e10748.

5. Sutton, MS, Moriarty, RV., Ellis, A., Balgeman, A., Gellerup, D., Barry, G., Weiler, TC., and O’Connor, SL. Acute-phase CD4+ T cell responses targeting conserved viral regions are associated with control of live-attenuated simian immunodeficiency virus. (2018) J Virol. 92(21): e00830-18.

6. Ellis, A., Balgeman, A., Rodgers, M., Updike, C., Tomko, J., Maiello, P., Scanga, C.A., and O’Connor, S.L. Characterization of T cells Specific for CFP-10 and ESAT-6 in Mycobacterium tuberculosis-infected Mauritian Cynomolgus Macaques. (2017) Infection and Immunity. 85 (4): e01009-16

7. Sutton, M.S., Burns, C.M., Weiler, A.M., Balgeman, A.J., Braasch, A.T., Lehrer-Brey, G., Friedrich, T.C., and O’Connor, S.L. Vaccination with Live Attenuated Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (SIV) Protects from Mucosal, but not Necessarily intravenous, Challenge with a Minimally Heterologous Virus. (2016) J Virol. 90 (12): 5541-8.

8. Gellerup, D.D., Balgeman, A.J., Nelson, C.W., Ericsen, A.J., Scarlotta, M., Hughes, A.L., and O’Connor, S.L. Conditional Immune Escape during Chronic Simian Immunodeficiency Virus Infection. (2015) J Virol. 90 (1); 545-52.